New High Speed 5G Black view BL6000 Pro Rugged Smartphone

Smartphone meaning is a phone that has almost all features. In race of phones Black view has its own value. BL6000 Pro launch with IP68 and IP69. It has STD 810 G military certification. This phone has some spiritually values which make it best as compare to Nokia smartphone. This is waterproof set. During test it is examined that this phone will save half an hour in depth of 1.5 meter. Even you drop it from 1.5 meter. Body of this mobile phone is totally made by metal. This is perfect for you if you use phone rough. Its design is very impressive. As it can be seen that its design is very mold able. During tests, it prove itself as a waterproof phone of 2020. They extremely increased immensity of waterproof’s set. This phone can bear harsh moments in open environment.

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Most of phone are drop their performance in cold weather and on high temperature. But specialty of this phone is that its performance is constant. You will get news about smartphone deals from stores of this mobile. On this phone you can use its feature (Messaging, calling and many other basic functions) under -30 Degree. Its RAM is 8GB and internal memory is 256GB. This rugged phone prepared by Media Tech. In this era most of phones offers only 4G. But this is rare specialty of this phone is that in 2020 this phone comes with 5G services. If someone want that his/her first phone should have all features then this is for you. This is best budget smartphone.

Camera of BL6000 Rugged Smartphone:

Best smartphone camera is BL6000’s camera. After excellent performance of its body, there is another quality of this phone is its camera. It launched with triple rare camera. Its processing software is superior. It provides portrait mode, HDR result, underwater capturing performance, Night mode and 30 Hz refresh rate. With the help of these qualities photo shoot lover can enjoy its life. He can be increase its photography experience on next level. You can enjoy nature by the eye of this phone. Its HD shots will amaze you. You will never deny its camera quality when you have other mobile.


If you are out of coverage then this smartphone will give high speed internet services of 4G as compare to other mobile phones. In this you will see chip of 800 Density. Battery of this rugged phone is 5280mAh. You will available already liquid cooling technology. You can see GPS services and Galileo. Technology of Android 10 OS and NFC also available there. 4K video display can be find there. All 2G, 3G, 4G are globally present in it already. For mass production this phone is still very best. Its liquid screen become cause of lag less gaming. When you buy this phone you will feel in another world with my smartphone. Because this is the best smartphone 2019.

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Advantages of BL6000:

Design of BL6000 is actually made for outdoor purposes. You can use this fearless when you are doing your work. You should not have taken tension for your mobile. Actually this phone does not need to protect it from water, drop, shocks, jumps and cracks. This mobile is not a stereotype. Because stereotype can be easily broken anytime and anywhere in every condition. This mobile is dust proof. In this mobile phone you can see most of new technologies of 2020. In past year this phone is ad in most waterproof sets. This mobile has very high resistance to safe it. If you drop it as you can then it will satisfy as you like. It can be used in every condition. In trial this smartphone shows 2.3GB per second of down loading. Also this phone shows 1.2GB per second uploading. Instead of pay high coast to get other phones in same specification as this mobile phone have in this technical year

If you are in that case where you cannot protect phone. Then this will help you a lot. This mobile phone is best in every matter whatever you face. This phone is awesome due to its cheapest price. If someone will scratch your phone, you would not worry if you have this rugged smartphone. Its battery is built in like other usual phones. This mobile phone offers you such features those they cannot be in competition. No case is required for this type of phone usually. Its screen has 60fps rate. And this is sure that fps like this is not available in any mobile on this price.

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Rugged BL6000 Smartphone Prices:

Price of this mobile is very rare and cheap. Price of this mobile currently is $399. If you want to make sure this price then you can check out price on smartphone Wikipedia for smartphone 2020. This is best mobile as compare to smartphone under 5000 and smartphone under 10000. Actually this mobile explain smartphone definition. Its screen works better than smartphone projectors. If this phone comes in better condition in 2021. You can feel yourself in another world with my smartphone season 2. But this mobile I am prefer than jitterbug smartphone.

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