Most Reasonable Prices and Best Deals of AirPod in 2021

If you need to know about latest airpod and airpod pro then you are on right place. In start good airpodetisalat very hard to find except UK and US. But now you can take them as your wish. Similarly we just saw that airpod straps offers save up to $80. If you have iPhone then you should have to buy this for looking damn good. Recent Apple phones has not headphone jack and do not have pair of earphone. So you must have to buy this product. If you are ready to take step in to new technology of world then we offer you very cheap. Airpod 2 released in March 2019. Working of this will be discussed below. They are wireless and cord-free ear buds. Apple introduce many new features and technology in Apple’s second generation ear buds. Feature of these add in IOS 13 an IOS 14. They have two sets.

airpod 1 vs 2

Explanation about Airpod Pro:

In airpod prosyou can see hands free (Hey SIRI) function. Company used updated H1 chip. This chip become cause of better connectivity. In this product you can avail voice command to control SIRI. Also you can do swipe songs by using voice command and you can control volume as well as. Finally you get rid from tension to turn on SIRI by tap on it. Advantage of chip is that you are more access able to switching devices to turn on this. This product automatically turns on and connect automatically if we put them out from charging case.

It works more quickly than old one. According to reports it becomes two time faster. Chip which is used in airpod 2 is also support Bluetooth 5.0 which have wide range. With the help of this you can connect this to iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV and mac. You can connect this with them by Bluetooth as old method. They can be connect by all Apple devices. Most ever new soft touch of noise cancellation and highly grip with ear. And this product of Apple is a magical product for future. By airpod pro review they are still best and magical.

are airpod pros waterproof

Wireless Charging case of Apple:

When apple introduced their wireless charging cases its quality and technology both are not good. This product come in market with optional wireless charging case. You can buy this airpod cases easily from anywhere. If you get this product with charging case then its price is $199. If you do not need of charging case then its price is $159. And apple airpods price in UAE is 655 AED. Apple airpod pro price in UAE is 712 AED for limiting time. You can also buy airpod charging case cover separate.

If you want to buy just wireless charging case covers then you can it take it also in cost of $79 if you having airpod case cover. Apple does not change look of this iconic product. Same as usual to old one standard apple airpod pro case. This product is coming with fully Wireless airpod alternatives and wireless charging case. There is just one iconic standard from start to this product. They are available in white colors. This product’s battery life stand up to five hours by listening music. And case provide you 24 hours battery life.


Is 2016 Original airpod 1 are better?

Some of you guys asked about old original one. But 95% these are not available. Most of stores have out of this airpod stock. If some stores have this then this is not surprising stuff. Because all of us know that by passage of time new technology get overcome on old one. So they are same as 2016. Same color and size also present in these. They have same price also.

If we get same color, size and price in new technology then why we turn our face toward old product instead of new.

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Cheap Airpod will come in Future?

If you are waiting for cheap product from apple company in future. Then you have quite wrong thoughts. Because in past year Apple applied discount of $20. After announced day of Black Friday product is out of stock in just few hours. And this will be the most reasonable discount ever applied from company. But you will see most of the slight discounts in UK from $3 to $7. Things got better every year and their prices also rises. So if you are passionate with your love for Apple’s product then you should not care for their some little discounts. Because they give offers in different regions in the world. Finally go and grab your stylish product from apple store and other available stores.

Tech and Specs of Airpod Pro:


Dual Forming Microphones.
Dual Optical Sensors.
Motion Detection Accelerometer.
Speech Detecting Accelerometer.


Double tap to play music and to answer call.
Get directions by taking help of SIRI with voice command.
Of Charging Case; 11 inches
Of AirPod; 59 inches


Of Charging Case; 40 grams
Of AirPod; 4 grams


Talk time up to 3 hours.
Listening time up to 5 hours with single charge.
Listening time up to 24 hours by charge from charging case.
System Requirements.
Apple iPhone and iPad models having latest IOS.
Apple watch having latest watch OS.
Apple TV having latest TV OS.
Mac models having latest MAC OS.

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