Best Generation Games You Should Play On PS4 And Xbox One

Best Generation Games:

In generation games creative framework of thought is available. Always you see positive community leading this generation games. It’s all for fun. Children, Parents and everybody love the concept of games. So, now we will discuss about current generation z consoles in different ways of Xbox One and PS4. As we know that PS5 released to boost up the career of generation games. Still we cannot ignore the participation of other platform to appreciate their work for generation consoles.

generation z

These games are not in particular ways. These generation games just explain a team work. Sometime I think that what generation am I? you can set up your own edition for these games. Every generation y games is prepared by co-creation of national, International and NGO’s. These are very low budget generation zero games. Even they are spread globally in every city and country. Everyone is invited to create edition to come in Intergenerational worldwide sports.

Now we will discuss about some of best known generation gaming consoles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man:

Still we see in superheroes movies that by using their powers they do un expectable scenes. Like they save whole from deadly viruses. It is very hard to explain these scenes by writing a book on it. That’s why we consider to use star trek the next games to feel this panic situation directly. By the help of this we can enjoy Marvel’s dramatic hard and exceptional scenes and powers. You should just think that all of these super heroes are in your control with help of intergenerational sport and community. In this generation x consoles you can fight by your own skills. Suppose you are in middle of electric storm and you have chance to make your heart strong. Fight against these situations with the help of console.

generation x


Once you play inside complete. After this if you want to forget this then it will be most difficult work for you because of its wonderful ending. Inside is also part of games. And it provides you fully shocking impressions. Inside has impact of adventure like Limbo. Many times you will face death in this game. But every time you will re spawn to the nearest point of death. And this death comes frequently to examine your patience. This is a masterpiece by developer in history of game. We can play this on iPad 7th generation and iPad 6th generation easily. Each and every part of Inside is so risky and surprising. Developer has done smartest work in this game. In the end of 20 minutes you cannot even solve mystery. This game is played by believing. Hope so developer will come next with another mysterious game.

what generation am i


Bloodborne is a most famous software generation names game. In bloodborne you have to put in dirty town. You are hunter and you have to provide your best to safe this dirty town by hunting. In this game you will get environmental hints to explore the world with your discovering experience. Every location in this game will give you tension and surprised. If your power get down then by without taking juice your energy will refill. This game gives you a bank of heals which run out quickly due to fight with enemy. After that you have to collect it yourself from enemies. You have specific time in this to evaluate town by enemies. To complete this game you have to follow some rules and tricks. You should be master in one weapon to run it perfectly. As you know this game is very challenging so you have to learn from your mistakes to pass quickly. Some time you just losing your hope against few enemies.

generation z years


Fortnite is a PC and play station is silent generation game. This game is like PUBG. This is a cartoon style game. In this game you fight as a fun to please yourself. In this visually graphics are good. Have wide and unique buildings. Worst thing in this game is that it has only one map. In this game you have to fight with zombies. This game comes in 2017. In 2019 this game got hype like one of the best game in generation console. Now this time it has many competitors. You have specific emotes and gun skins for battle ground. These skins are visually great. Hundred players on map and find weapons to kill others. You can play solo, duo and in squad also.

generation y

Apex Legends:

Most famous and largest games are battle royal. These are now in trend. Apex legend is also a battle royal game. Gameplay is so smooth like butter. No ping issue here and you can talk easily with your team mate. If you have experience to play this then you can easily win this on base. 60 players played once. Each team has three persons. You guys have time to come back in world to fight against others. But in this game some guns should be re-create. Having maps like fire and ice both like end of the world. You can loot yourself as you want to do. Those who are best close combat then this is personally made for you. After releasing this historical seventh generation gift they make officially respawn mode. In season 2 they introduced new character which is 750 apex coins costly. Here is crypto named character who has power and experience to fly drone. This work also have some apex points.

generation millennials


In name of this generation is coolness. Control has so much struggle. There is a character name of Jesse Faden. She is a drifter in end of New York City. She believe herself to find her long-lost brother. But government disturbs her a lot. Alan Wake is another party who get fame from media and he is shooter. Scenes of control are very terrific. Also you have face gun game play. They earn a lot in history of game. They have to keep eye on future of intergenerational games.

generation years

Its ending is not perfect as other game. But visually this game is a gem. Also you have an old director to guide you. After this you are able to play this game perfectly.

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