Top Bluetooth headset to Free Your Hands and make Calls

In today era this is the most useful gadget. Because Bluetooth headsets mic make easy for you that you can put your heavy and expensive smart phone in your pocket. If you want to listen songs but instantly you have to do some activity so you can put your device easily beside and get free of tension. If there is any call coming you can pick up this without access to your mobile. You are free to use this anywhere any time. Even in other words you can say that it will make your life so easy and comfort. There are many option for Bluetooth but here we go for some famous. Where you can choose easy for you. Some devices are very heavy to contain with us so there you can avail service of Bluetooth headset with microphone.

bluetooth headset price in uae

It is a right place to check out your most desiring Bluetooth headset for ps4. With the help of these headsets you can drive car easily without turn your life in danger by using mobiles. There are so many option in this. Where some of this will tell you caller id it means when someone is calling you it will announce name and number. This is the most heart touching work done by these headsets. Now we will discuss some of these headsets. Some them Bluetooth headset ps4 can be used as well.

1. Sony MBH22 Bluetooth headset for Gaming?

Answer is no because Bluetooth headset wireless is very common to see. Because it looks very stylish and easy to use. In fact this is better than most local brands. But one negative point is that it has only one piece. And make awkward for some time because you can easily heard outside sounds and make un-comfort you. We add this in our list because it is very good looking and simple. Its battery life is superb. On this you can see few buttons and portable C-type port which is actually used as a charging port. If you want to connect two phones at a same time then you can do it also it gives you that opportunity. Although it has access to the google assistant and SIRI for iPhones. But at once time only one person is able to use this Bluetooth headset lg. There is few specs of this headset.

bluetooth headset price in uae

Weight: 9.3g
Battery life: 6 hours talk time
Version: Bluetooth 4.2


2. Gaming with Bluetooth headset Plantronics Explorer 500?

This is not possible for gaming due to one side. Best thing of this is that it has voice cancellation option in it. After this this very light weight and beat many headsets in look. You can get this on Bluetooth headset amazon. There are many types of Plantronics headsets but this one is preferable. You can see charging port in this as well. This is a very unique and discreet to tech in this time. It has also feature of microphone. But you cannot it as a modern headset. It looks very small but due to its look you can never deny its performance because tis battery life is so good. This Company always rock in market due to its stylish design and low cost. But it is also a one ear piece model. But in case of other Bluetooth headset microphone this is amazing and known as perfect in working. Here we go with specs.

Plantronics Explorer 500

Weight: 7.5g
NFC: no
Version: Bluetooth 4.1
Battery life: 7 hours


3. Bluetooth headset Best Plantronics Voyager 5200:

Most perfect thing for this model is that it is sweat proof. If you used this in sunlight it will work same as normal. It tells you about caller id which is not common in many Bluetooth headset to Xbox one. It is a well-known famous brand. Very effective in noise cancelling as well as. Very easy to use and easy buttons to yes a call. Very light weight this model is. Voice quality is remarkable. Even you cannot beat it as compare to others. Due to legal support it is very helpful to standby. Because it has more grip with your ear due to its specific style and design. It makes it different from other Bluetooth headset Samsung. In this if someone is calling you then it will automatically announces name of caller.

Plantronics Voyager 5200

Weight: 2.5g
NFC: no
Battery life: 7 hours
Version: Bluetooth 4.1


4. Jabra Stealth Bluetooth headset to ps4:

Very comfortable to use this. Design is so creative. But most negative point is that in this Bluetooth headset iPhone very difficult to control buttons of volume. Its shape give you round up style. But in size this is not small and you can feel its weight after wearing. In this headset sound quality is very effective and good to listen. Noise cancellation is present in also. If you use its mic it gives you positive vibes because in this you can listen just small amount of noise. If you pay cost for this then you are supposed to be pay at definitely perfect place. This headset is very good to see and after usage of this you will be able get advice others for this. This Bluetooth headset Jabra is unique to use.

Jabra Stealth

Weight: 7.8g
Range: 10m
Battery life: 6 hours
Version: Bluetooth 4


5. Jabra Steel Bluetooth headset for iPhone:

This headset is very different to others. Because its design is very attractive. Very rugged surface to see there. This is at very best performance in this Bluetooth headset noise cancellation. If you use it at outside then it will be very affective. You can listen at normal level because sound quality is not good as compare to others. If you use it in heavy rain it will give you same result. This is most loving thing in this is that it can be used in every possible condition. In this headset you have guarantee for 5 years. Voice in calls are very clear and smooth. But most annoying thing in this that in this you cannot find any actual volume control buttons. It will be very bad for you. In this Bluetooth headsetwith noise cancellation range is larger than normal distance. Battery life of this headset is up to 6 hours. Now we will discuss below for its some specifications.

Jabra Steel

Weight: 10g
Range: 30m
NFC: yes
Version: Bluetooth 4.1


6. Jabra wave Bluetooth headset Xbox One:

If you want long time battery timing headset then this will be the best for you. Because its timing is very good as compare to others. If you are not connected it to charger then it will get more time to manage. Bluetooth headset on Xbox one make size is very large. Very comfortable to use. Its large size make you annoying for using it. But sound quality is perfect in it. Feature for audio quality is superb and make awesome voice if you are on a call. No disturbance in its performance. Very quickly manage itself for connecting. Pairing method is so easy. If we discuss about this then why we would not talk about its design. Its grip with ear is so creative and best among all Bluetooth headset on ps4 till now. In fast wind if you wear this then it will give you comfort and made noise cancellation for you. But this product is only available in US and UK still. Hope so you will get it and check its experience. Now discuss its specs now.

Jabra Wave

Weight: 13g
NFC: no
Version: Bluetooth 3.0
Range: 10m
Battery life: 8 hours


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