Everything about Doctor Strange 2 in multiverse of madness

Aka name of doctor strange 2 movie is doctor strange multiverse of madness. In UK shoot of doctor strange in the multiverse of madness had been stopped due to third lockdown of the country. And this news told by Elizabeth Olsen. Olsen also played a role in this film as a witch. She told about the delaying when she came live on jimmy from London. This just happened because whole country turn over through lockdown to welfare of humanity. According to her hospitals are full by patients and time is so risky. They did their job best and try to safe others from this panic condition. She thanked to all production of this movie for being there in hard time.

According to sources this movie had been completed since last year. But summer vacations came and shooting paused. After long time when they returned to work, they face critical situations like this killing virus. So they decided to pause production of this movie doctor strange 2 to save other’s lives. And this is unknown to them that this stop will go longer for them. Still this is confirmed to release this movie in March 2022. All of this will depend upon this killing virus and lockdown. Because they cannot afford loss while in huge production and large staff. So the biggest reason is that due to lockdown they stopped shooting of doctor strange 2.

Safety for Doctor Strange 2:

In past all we know that doctor strange 2 movie had stopped twice and now it was regularly shoot but the factor came of safety. As per precautions movie will released in May 2021. So when it almost completed then lockdown in UK disturbed them again. And at this time there was the biggest reason to stop production of doctor strange 2. In terms of safety of crew and other members of this badge supposed Disney to close picture. All the briefing came true when she came live on TV to discuss this matter because everyone wants to know truth about this. So government ordered them to stop production to save life of crew members.

Doctor Strange 2 Cast:

This movie is directed by Sam RAIMI doctor strange 2007. There are four writer in this horror doctor strange movie. Main characters of this film are 7. One is scarlet witch, Palmer, Stephen Strange, MORDO, Wong, Truck driver and Chavez. Produced by SCOTT DERRICKSON and KEVING FEIGE. John Mathieson is the one and only one because of him we cannot enjoy this movie. He is provided cinematography in doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. MORDO is doctor strange 2 villain. Doctor Stephen is a character to introduce doctor strange comics in doctor strange 2.

doctor strange 2 cast

When this movie come out?

Actually doctor strange 2 release date is May 7, 2021. But due to Black widow’s delay its expected date for release of doctor strange in multiverse of madness is November 2021. Finally wait is not over yet and new date come to hurt people. And now it moves to next year and this is not well for marvel’s lover to describe their feelings. Announced date for releasing doctor strange in multiverse of madness is March 2022. Doctor strange 2 trailer will also release in 2022. You can see doctor strange full movie through doctor strange IMDB.

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