Leaked Information About Upcoming Huawei P50 Pro 2021

In past we know that Huawei never disappoint their users. They always coming through Google and Android software woes. Huawei gave top phones last year. Huawei p40 pro is also gifted to us. Now we have looked up to on next coming phone in this year. By news of @ONELEAKS, they told that Huawei p50 pro coming phone of Huawei will get so much attention from audience because of its rear camera. Huawei p50 pro price will also shock you. New flagship mobile from the Chinese company will get much love as they got in Huawei p40 pro price. This leaked information comes from @ONELEAKS and they did not revealed this phone too much in terms of its display. But we can imagine clear display from recent handsets of Huawei Company. Huawei p50 pro size almost same like last year released Huawei p40 pro screen size.

huawei p50 pro price in india

According to leaks we get front view of mobile. As looking in this we get power buttons and volume controlled buttons both at the right side of mobile. We are unable to see screen colors so we cannot describe it also. As we have dual front camera in Huawei p40 pro, we cannot see this here in Huawei p50 pro’s screen. From schedule of last year we can guess that Huawei p50 pro release in 3rd month of 2021. In order of leaks hope so we will get more authentic news in next some months. Recent Huawei p50 pro leaks details given below.

Changes in Huawei p50 pro Model:

As we have dual cameras in front of Huawei p40 pro camera. There are some changes according to leaks. First, company gives us one single camera in front screen instead of dual camera. And second is that in Huawei p50 pro they introduce traditional normal earpiece in front screen instead of acoustic display which was introduced in Huawei p30 pro as usually.

According to sources, we heard that Huawei Company will use Samsung and LG displays powered by KIRIN chip in Huawei p50 pro. Now just wait for their turn and for model because many companies are ready to trade with Huawei. Hope for the best from Huawei Company that they would not repeat their mistakes by having hard ware buttons in sides. We can see that it has sharp ends and tight radius like past mobiles.

Basic Details of Huawei p50 pro:

As per leaks, we heard that in this model company will use Android 11 system. This phone having wide display and large screen of 6.58 inches and using OLED screen by trading with other manufacturers. With latest KIRIN chip 5G. RAM of Huawei p50 pro is up to 8GB to 12 GB. Battery size of Huawei p50 pro is about 4500mAh. It has fastest charge with 40W supply. Its weight will up to 220 grams. You can also see ceramic frame and ceramic back. Black and white colors will be available for Huawei p50 pro.

huawei p40 pro vs samsung s20 ultra

Basic Specifications:

This phone has OCTA-core processor. This is most advanced processor for Android mobiles. Depth detail by @ONLEAKS is (2×2.86 GHz Cortex A76 and 2×2.36 GHz Cortex A76 and 4×1.95 GHz Cortex A55). GPU is of Mali G76 MP16. You can find memory card slot in Huawei p50 pro upcoming phone. Storage of Huawei p50 pro is nearly 256GB-512GB.

Camera and Display:

Main camera in this phone is very rear. From the leaks First camera of Huawei p50 pro is about 50 MP for wide of f/1.9. Second one is about 8 MP for 10x optical zoom of f/4.4. Third one is about 8 MP for telephoto of f/2.4. Fourth one is used for ultra wide. Fifth one is for depth. Even you can find Dual tone flash, Dual LED, panorama and HDR. SELFIE camera is about 32 MP. Both cameras give 4k result video. This phone is almost concern with Huawei p40 pro camera.

OLED touch screen will available. Resolution is about 1200 x 2640 (435 PPI density). 90% body to screen ratio. This phone has 90 fps screen.

Additional Features of Huawei p50 pro:

As compare to other android phones we are hopefully waited for headphone jack of 3.5 mm. In order of its size this is confirm that headphone jack will be present in it. Speakers are also be part of this iconic phone.

So we can see front image of phone which indicates that its fingerprint sensor will add in its display. You can find gyro, accelerometer, compass and proximity in Huawei p50 pro as these features add in every famous mobile. If we see releasing dates of Huawei phone last year then this phone should be released in March 2021. Suppose if this phone released in March then obviously this will available in April 2021 for the users.

Price of this smart phone is about above than 150k. This is expected price of Huawei p50 pro mobile. All of features, specifications and details for this phone are based on leaks and rumors to update people.

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