Mercedes reveals 56-inch Giant Screen for Electric Car

In upcoming electric car of Mercedes-Benz India they decided to show giant screen in it. Actually this is the first and rare screen in cars. This screen expand over from door to door. It has totally touch bar in this screen. Screen has divided in three components for individually work. Whole screen covered by sheet of glass to protect. And they used gorilla glass for amazing protection from end to end like Mercedes GLC. This is largest freely protection by gorilla ever. Having high displays in this car. Mercedes done a pretty job still in Mr. Mercedes. Actually they try to show their best in this hyper giant screen. This screen is very intelligent factor for this car. This function told in tweets of Mercedes SCHLAPP.

mercedes suv

This giant screen expand in between two front rare seats. Work of this giant screen is like multi-work. So many options and works done by this display. In order of other terms we can say that this screen is brain of this electric car. Represent itself as a masterpiece. We will discuss its functions later. Highly fresh rate display to play 4k videos. You can say that this giant screen is another option to operate your car. Behind description you cannot drive car easily if you are unable to use this screen. But usage of this screen is piece of cake. You have to understand the functions of this giant screen because it is very easy to learn and important too.

Mercedes Extra Functions of Hyper Screen:

In terms of primary functions we have to seek for entertaining options. After this you will surprise surely by knowing that you can check details of seat massage also. And you can check information about car on screen individually. You can control music system. You can see charging information on this giant hyper screen of electric car like Mercedes SUV. There are seamless options for both driver and co-driver. Operate of this screen very easy and quickly. Because of new technology you cannot see physical buttons on this screen like other models. For example Mercedes g wagon, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes sprinter. Very furnished work done by creators. Hats off to the idea of inventors of Mercedes Benz stadium, Mercedes sprinter van.

Softness of touch is on another level of creativity. There are many entertainment options and choices for user. You can check connectivity on this screen also and navigations also. The most amazing work is that you can check social media through this giant hyper screen of 56-inch. Totally input registration is present in this screen. The thing which make it differ from other brand new cars is 56-inch hyper screen for comfort of user.

mercedes g wagon

Details about Giant Screen:

In this giant hyper screen you can see display of 18 inches. Its resolution is 3088 x 1728. And this resolution is a gift to the passengers by default from Mercedes. This is majority of this screen having entertainment system. You can see map on this screen below its display. This is rarest step by Mercedes because in other cars you have to switch maps for seeking. But they provide you individually. It is permanent duo with control systems. After this passenger of front seat has its own 13 inches screen too. He has ability to control it also by his fingertips.

Even driver can also control other screen also. They both have ability to control system of OLED screens. You can swipe videos to skip. You can play videos at once on both screens and shift to rare 18 inches screen any time. In third part of giant screen you can see another 14 inches screen behind steering. On this screen you are able to see speed of the car and navigation also. There are some options in which you have to choose for yourself to see information you want. This is common in almost all new brand cars having computerize digital meter. Like Mercedes GLE, Mercedes GLA and Mercedes-AMG.

Even you can check themes as usually to set up in screen. You can change them easily whenever you want. Visuals can be differ from one to another if you select driving mode. This function also a part of happiness for driving. These visuals also present in Mercedes c300 and Mercedes c class.

mercedes c300

System of Camera in this Screen:

There is camera in this big hyper screen. Actually located for front seat passenger. Because he can watch video easily in this screen. If driver tries to look in this screen instead of road. Video or audio of this screen automatically pause. As this camera detect non-seriousness of driver in driving car. So it stops playback until driver concentration on road again. I think this is most elegant part of this screen to help out the seriousness of the driver to road. No one can deny from this amazing feature.

 Most Intelligent Screen You Ever See:

Creators of Mercedes said that this screen is one of the most intelligent giant screen. Because there are several modes which are turn over by your default system. This screen will show you those options which are actually used for you. On journeys it gives you a lot options to operate it. This built in screen understand yours picking level automatically and give you instruction to how to use it. Guide you automatically that how to use it?

There is a chip set for allowing you to control your music and video panel for your joy. Hope so Mercedes UAE and Mercedes USA will come with these functions. This is a first time done by any car creators to maintain these functions in one car. You can buy this car with this amazing feature this recent year. Hope so this is a door step by Mercedes towards surprising technology for other brand cars investors and creators.

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