Motorola Edge S Details for Price, Specs and Camera

In January 2021 we heard some news from sources about new upcoming Motorola edge S mobile phone. From rumors we thought that other name of this mobile phone was Motorola edge 2. But it will totally opposite and like other smart phones they started S series. So this will be the first phone of S series from Motorola Company. As we know that Motorola is not a famous one in order of smart phone. But in affordable price they finally released their brand new set with name of Motorola edge specifications. Totally reasonable set is this? There are so many rumors for this manufacturer Company because of their brand name with low quality. But this phone turn out as an amazing feature to prove all allegations wrong in terms of Motorola. This phone will launch in China first of all. So we get so much news and rumors for this phone.

Motorola Edge S

According to past Motorola edge is not a successful show. But their new Motorola edge s launch event bring up change in mind for this. They launch their new phone having edges in it physically. As its name this show like an edge one. So this bring up in famous S series. You will able to get this phone if they send these mobile phones outside china. It is clear that this is a Chinese Company. So it depends on its demand after having so much feature as compare to famous smart phones. Now we will keep an eye on its demanding price of Motorola edge s price in India.

Motorola Edge S Price:

This is expected price of Motorola edge s model. There are different models having different RAM. So if you want to get 6 GB mobile phone having internal storage of 128GB. You will get this Motorola edge S phone in $400. Their price will increase $80 on each specs increase. If you move up to extra storage variant then its price is definitely increase. Order of prices in terms of USD are following in case of storages and RAM. In other countries we cannot expect this mobile in other countries due to lack of features.

motorola edge specifications

RAM and Storage: Price in USD

  • 6GB/128GB: $400
  • 8GB/128GB: $480
  • 8GB/256GB: $560

RAM and Storage: Price in China

  • 6GB/128GB: CNY 1,999
  • 8GB/128GB: CNY 2,399
  • 8GB/256GB: CNY 2,799

Releasing Date of Motorola Edge S:

As we know that this phone is a product of China. So it is supposed to be release here. Motorola edge s release date in china was 26 January. After releasing there they know about its improving feature. So they decided to sell this outward from China. In few numbers of countries they decided to launch this one. So they select UK and US for this. Now you can get Motorola edge S mobile in these countries with above price. And according to sources above than 10,000 copies had been sold after two minutes of releasing.

motorola edge screen protector

Motorola Edge S Specifications:

Teaser of this mobile phone comes with Chinese language so it is hard to get it in easy way. But after all on its debut they told about its specification, design and details. So screen have edge around we can see this in Motorola edge s GSMARENA. This device comes with the processor of snapdragon 870. It is a superb feature in it. You can see its 6.7 inches display. Most popular refresh rate 105Hz you can see in this new smart phone. From this point they just compete all famous brand having this rate in their high prices. You can see their Qualcomm chipset. This is famous like Moto G 5G. In this Motorola edge there are specific colors. Even you can called this low price premium quality smart phone. Probably there are blue, white and silver colors in this low price premium mobile. In this mobile you can get FHD resolution for your ease. Design of this mobile is so remarkable. Specs like this are so amazing to see in these sets of low price. Motorola edge screen replacement also available if there is any issue present in this.

This model of Motorola is almost have all feature like 2020 mobile phones. Due to its regular high quality processor it became model for attention. It supports 20W fast charger. Motorola edge screen issues are covered in this new phone.  Happiest thing is that you can see charger in its box. Its battery is 5000mAH. Because it is a Chinese Company so we can get these surprises in its box. Probably they launch their old phone with lack of these specs that’s why they did not so much attention like this amazing mobile. Few improvements made it super in 2021. This is that kind of smart phone which supports 5G too but do not think that Motorola edge is 5G. Motorola edge screen protector is less power full than this new brand new phone’s protector.

motorola edge screen issues

Motorola Edge S Camera:

We heard so much efforts and popularity of camera of Motorola edge s specs. It is a quad core camera mobile phone. And this thing make it totally different from old models of Motorola. You can see four cameras on the back and two cameras in front of screen corner. In its front SELFIE camera there are two cams. One is of 16MP. Other one is used as a wide lens and it is 8MP wide. Due to edges these looks of camera is superb. If we discuss back side cameras. Then first camera has 64MP in its main camera. 16 MP is for wide length. 2MP for depth sensing. So there is a sharp detail about famous camera line. Amazing thing is that you can record video in 8k in Motorola edge s.

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