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Expected model of new upcoming phone by Apple is iPhone 13. Later its name will be change in to 12s. Because 13 number will be considered as an unlucky number so hope so it will be 12s. For now we will call this iPhone upgraded. We think this better now. So according to sources we get some rumors and news leak about this iPhone 13. Suppose that it will be new launch phone then what will be name of its four models? As expected these names should be iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 13 mini. In this article we will discuss about every new technology for this phone. Its specifications, release date, storage, display and camera will be discussed here.

iphone 13 release date

Like each year, in the end of this pandemic year we will get more specs in this model of iPhone. According to news and leaks we heard that Company will upgrade specs and design of this mobile phone sure. Most realistic thing is that iPhone will introduce high refresh rate of display in this year. But most loving thing is that this phone consider as a best camera phone in history of Apple Company. So you will know every specification of this phone in today’s article. Hope so we will introduce every specification of this new model which you want to hear and see in this iPhone 13. In this new phone you will able to see advanced liquid cooling function to decrease heat of screen and model.

Release Date and price of iPhone 13:

As we know Apple Company launch new model each year at the end of year. But in last year due to pandemic they released their phone one month later. But in this year expected month of launching of iPhone 13 is September. If they will not face in production of this phone. Otherwise they will launch in October and mini set of this iPhone 13 release date 2021 in November. So we have to wait for this. Constant we can see that iPhone release their models in September. If they did not face any interruption in manufacturing of this new iPhone then you can buy in September.

If we see last prices of the iPhones then we can expect some value for this phone. Due to extra specifications this phone will lightly costly than old year phone. Starting price having 64 GB storage of simple iPhone 13 price will be $699. After that this price will raise up to $1299 for the iPhone 13 pro max. Remember that this price is just expected value. But original prices for this phone will also around about this. This is also a rumor that like every year, this year also iPhone 13 will be most costly phone of the year.

iphone 13 pro max

Is This True That iPhone 13 Will be iPhone 12S?

Number 13 supposed to be unlucky number. This superstition is very popular in US. So we can say that iPhone Company will skip this number for their upcoming model. If they will not choose this then which name they will choose? As we know that new phone have too much specifications like iPhone 12 then there are chances for this new model having name of 12S. Because Apple add this S many times in its old models so this is not a big deal for them to have this iconic name. So there is a chance to convert this name future iPhone 13 in to iPhone 12S. Finally they have suggestion for their new phone. Another question is that can iPhone 6 get IOS 13?

Details about iPhone 13 Leaks of Display:

In two models of iPhone 13 you will be able to get low refresh rate screen. But in iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max you will get refresh rate of 120Hz. This is a huge step from Apple Company. This is most awaited thing in this new upgraded iPhone. In past iPhone launch just 3 models in every series after iPhone 11.           But in terms of iPhone 12 they launch another set like mini. So we can expect this fourth model also from iPhone for series of iPhone 13 update. Display leaks almost same except refresh rate. After high refresh rate screen of this model will more smooth and efficient. Hope so it will be huge step for game lovers on playing refresh rates. Screen size of this model also can be increase.

For scrolling you will feel that you just touch a square of butter. So we can see very smooth and soft touch in iPhone 13 trailer. So interesting up gradation in this phone is its high rates in pro models. For size many rumors turn signal toward last year phone. But still this is under discussion about its size. After all you will take advantages of under display finger print. This is a new innovation in iPhone 13 rumors. Most awaited up gradation for this Company is its storage. And it should be increased up to 1TB. Just in case this storage should be come in iPhone 13 pro max. In this you can check out IOS 13.

iphone 13 leaks

Improvements Need in Camera and Battery Life Of iPhone 13:

In old models we need some improvements for its cameras. Some improvements require in this model. Focus mode of camera should be better among all old models. In moving camera of this phone you cannot take smooth pictures. So Company should take action for making camera of apple iPhone 13 leaked is best for 2021. Due to their progress we have hope for this because they never disappoint people. After this they make best camera of 2021.

According to old models we can see that iPhone did not change in battery performance. But in recent model they should be improve their battery quality. Because this is not enough for this high cost phone. Because it is very bad experience. You cannot enjoy this phone’s battery in your whole day. So Company should take action in its battery. It will huge change in history of this phone for its battery life.

iphone 13 trailer

64GB should be drop in iPhone 13?

If we relate this storage in 2021 then this is very small to handle data in this century. That’s why newest iPhone 13 should be start from 128 GB but in price of 64GB model. And this is a gift for users of iPhone. If apple introduce this 128GB in its new upcoming model. Then storage of this model automatically increase for upper models. Most realistic thing is that these high storage models will be affordable easily. It will be pleasure for iPhone users if they do this. As well as you will surprise if you see model of iPhone 6 plus IOS 13.

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