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Samsung galaxy s21 featured as a best android phone of 2021. Most positive points about this brand new phone are that it has very powerful performance. Camera zoom of this phone is beyond description. Best thing in this is that this mobile has refresh rate of its display is very unique. This display rate is 120Hz. And it should be consider wonderful. This thing make Samsung galaxy S21 different from other mobile phones. Other plus point about this unique mobile phone is that its design. Very attractive and amazingly made this. These normal points makes it differ from other android users. And I think that that is the only reason make it super and best among other cell phones in this range. There are many questions about when is Samsung galaxy s21 coming out?

samsung galaxy s21 specs

And some negative points about Samsung galaxy S21 lite are that its back side made of plastic. But other mobile phones have almost glass shield in this range. I think this a huge issue which should not be present in this kind of phone having a large amount. Other point is that in this phone you cannot find MICROSD card slot. Even you are un-able to get charger in its box. These little mistakes me rude about this type of highly cost brand new Samsung galaxy S21 ultra price in Pakistan. According to some experts reviews this mobile has some issues in its camera. On other side we can neglect these minor mistakes for a while after paying huge amount for best phone. Now we will discuss about Samsung galaxy S21 release date and Samsung galaxy S21 specs.

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S21:

Pre order for this phone is available in different zones of world. By rumors and sources Company decides to launch it on 29 January 2021. In United States Samsung galaxy s21 price of this mobile phone will be start from $799 having memory of 128GB. If you need to get more memory then you have to pay extra $50. But the best thing is remarkable about this phone is that this phone is cheaper than last year Samsung galaxy S21 ultra price. This phone is cheap around about $200 than old phone model. So it would be consider as a cheap set of this year from Samsung Company. If we compare this set with google pixel 5 and iPhone models having 64GB memory then this phone is costly obviously. So Samsung galaxy s21 plus price in Pakistan is also near about 150k+ as compare to Samsung galaxy s21 edge price.

Design of Samsung galaxy S21 2021:

If we see from front then this mobile shape is same like last year mobile phone. Having 6.2 inch display with dot rare front SELFIE camera. In Samsung galaxy S21 you can see beautiful flat edges. By looks this phone is not sleek but in this price with so much specifications it should not be matter. By views of experts we can say that these curves may cause of slippery from hand. Back cameras are on left side. By our idea Samsung galaxy S21 is cheap because its back side is made of plastic instead of glass. In order of its specification this is a solid android mobile phone and it never feel you as a cheap mobile. The scanning power of this mobile is about 50% increase than old year phone. Samsung galaxy s21 processor is also master piece.

Display and Camera of Samsung Galaxy S21 Details:

This mobile comes with 6.2 inch display. In our view you will never think about HD resolution if you can avail 120Hz refresh rate here. You will ignore complexity to get this level of refresh ness of display. And in terms of performance this refresh rate differ from work to work to get stable. The usage of this display will be very pleasant for you if you are interested in this rate of display of Samsung galaxy s21. Total vivid mode is available in this cell phone. No mobile should be expect for gaming instead of this product of Samsung for its coolness. But Samsung galaxy s21 blue is not in stock still.

In terms of camera this mobile phone is un-beatable. Its triple camera just mind blowing. 12MP wide angle lens, 12MP ultra wide lens and 64MP lens with three times hybrid zoom. Software of Samsung galaxy s21 is amazing in term of camera. Sure this mobile will achieve many up-gradation of photography. Its standard mode photo always name of excellence as compared to middle range of android phones. Camera of Samsung galaxy S21 s always deal with multiple colors and shades proper. Flush of this camera always make suitable details of photos actually. Zooming power of this phone is unbeatable and dynamically grill in optimizer feature. You will never ignore such a powerful zooming cam of Samsung galaxy s21. Portrait mode of this phone is not properly work in low light as compare to Samsung galaxy s21 ultra.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra

Battery Life and Charging Of Samsung Galaxy S21:

Battery of this phone is 4000Mah. In term of android phones this battery size is fine and capacity of this battery is good. Refresh rate of display become source of consumption of battery in such a highly cost cell phones. On 60Hz refresh rates battery of this phone manage 9 hours of users. But if you use 120 refresh rate usage of battery decrease 45 minutes on high brightness by connecting 5G services. But this battery timing is not best. In adaptive mode usage of battery will increase over 10 Hours without hesitation of usage on 120Hz. Optimization of battery consumption will not happen in Samsung galaxy s21.

Charging port of this mobile is C type. Fast charging of Samsung galaxy s21 can be done up to 25W. It will jump your battery from 0 to 55% in just 30 minutes. This type of fast charging just can be reached out by Samsung. They are the actual example of battery boost. They are so environmentally friend so they remove adapter in their box by putting only C type cable.

Specifications: Screen Size: 2 inches (2400 x 1080)
Refresh Rate: 48-120Hz
Processer: Snapdragon 888
Ram: 8GB
Storage: 12GB,256GB
OS: Android 11 with one UI 3
Charging: 25W
Colors: Phantom white, phantom gray, phantom pink
Battery: 4000mAh
Battery Life: 9 hours on 60Hz
Video: up to 8k
Front camera: 10MP
Rear Camera:12MP wide+12MP ultra wide+64MP telephoto

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