Finally NVIDIA Introduce Three Valuable GPU’s This Week

NVIDIA designs graphic processor unit (GPU) for gaming and other expert market. They also designs SOC’s for mobile commuting. It provides parallel processing capabilities to help out researcher. With the help of these processors system accelerated towards most powerful computers. Quad RTX GPU’s used to maintain performance of large industries on a big scale. They also used in architecture, designing, film making and animation. Now NVIDIA started remake computer graphics again. They justify actual things which should provide during games. They helps a lot in PC gaming. They just bring up new visually dimension like AAA for Call of Duty. In this gaming era NVIDIA make possibilities to approach high level of Gaming. Large industries like transportation, health department, robotics and logistics use this Technology. This technology run super computers in Europe and Japan. NVIDIA drivers also have their own name in gaming industry.

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Most of high level computers relies on software with this awesome technology. NVIDIA turns world face on another edge just by giving better graphic processors. Every computer’s performance depend on graphic card used in it. This graphic card increase quality of games and decrease lag of game. This technology is also present in some tablets. Saved PC gaming features with the help of NVIDIA shield TV. These graphic actually increased quality of high display and provide high definition video processing. NVIDIA control panel is very large panel. They improve 3D textures and support Light speed memory and shadow buffers. NVIDIA stock price is vary from product to product. NVIDIA driver update makes computer performance smooth.

Now we will discuss about three upcoming GPU of NVIDIA experience.


RTX 3050 is expected to launch in 2021. This is a graphic card for PC. Its built in process is nearly about 8 nm. These NVIDIA graphic cards totally based on GA107 processor. Hopefully this card will be support DirectX 12. Its capability for ray-tracing is at variable rate of shading. This graphic card is very useful for new coming high quality games. In this you can find about 72 texture units. Its memory size is 4GB. It has frequency of 1545 MHz. You can boost it up to 1740 MHz. This is most effective high rate ever still. Output of display has one port for HDMI and three points for display port. Length of this graphic card is 242 mm. Width of graphic card is 112 mm. In this graphic card you will see dual slot for cooling section. Still this graphic is not released but in future it will available for gamers in market soon. It is better than NVIDIA 3000 series.


RTX 3050 Ti is second graphic card designed by NVIDIA which will expected to be launched in 2021 too. It is also built by 8 nm process to compete new graphic cards like RTX 3050. This product will available in GA106-200-A1. In this variant DirectX 12 conditionally support hardware ray tracing and variable shading. This is very large graphic card with diameter of 300 mm square having 13,200 transistors. Most of features are same as RTX 3050. But in this 3584 additional shading units. In this NVIDIA add 112 tensor core which is useful to improve learning system of application. This RTX update to 192 bit memory interface.

In this card you can see 28 acceleration cores. These cores are present to enhance performance of computers. This Graphic Processor Unit has frequency of 1350 MHz memory. Which can be boosted up to 1687 MHz but its memory will be running out at 1750 MHz (14 GBPS). Due to dual slot card, this card has 1 port of 12-pin of power connector at the 150W power draw. Display outputs have one HDMI port and three ports for Display Port. Size and width of this graphic card is same as RTX 3050.


This processor is also not released yet. This graphic card is recommended for almost all gaming resolutions like 640 x 480, 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1440, 3840 x 2160. Expect date for this graphic card is not confirm but we think that it will release in 2021. It is suspected that this graphic card is one of the best gaming processor based on GA106. In this you will find largest chip of high diameter. In 3840 shading points by having 64 ROP’s. Same like RTX 3050 Ti 192 bit interface.

This model of NVIDIA GeForce now has 12 GB memory which is operating. By 1627 MHz but if you boosted it then it will increase till 1852 MHz and its memory will be out at 1750 MHz due to 14 GBPS effectively. In same size and width this graphic card has most feature as compare to other gaming processors. This is generation of NVIDIA GeForce experience and predecessor of NVIDIA GeForce 20. RTX 3060 is architecture of Ampere. Foundry credit goes to Samsung for gaming processor. Its memory type is GDDR6.

All details of these NVIDIA gaming processors leaked before released. Some feature may be change in them but most of the detail will be accurate. Dates of releasing may be announced here after few months.

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