Explanation of Most famous available portable apps 2021

Actually these portable apps do not get space of computer. If we use these apps then we should not take care for PC. Because these portable apps org do not change the actual setting of PC. Even these apps give extra space to your PC. There are two common types in these apps. One is internal storage and other one is external. If we read about internal storage then it will be our hard disk. Because we can remove this easily with our permission. It does not affect actual functions of computer. Second one is external. In this you can add USB and SD card. Like internal storage this apps also have no danger for our device. If we talk about cloud service for these apps then it will be One Drive and Drop Box. These apps require as a networking market and cloud storage.

Portable Apps 2021

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Portable apps have so much advantages. They are very helpful if we want to deliver our data from one device to another device anytime. They make it easy without hesitation. If we have installed many other software on our device then we have to free mind. Because these portable apps suit does not damage any other app on our devices. If you need to be restrict these apps you can do it too. Some apps already install and grab storage from your device. But you can take it to some limited place by zip that file. But it is very safe for other programs of your PC. Now we will discuss about some famous portable apps for windows in the following.

1. Google Chrome Portable:

As a browsing app we can say google chrome portable is best yet. Main reasons to get this app are following.

  • This portable app have access of internet.
  • You can easily log in to its services.

But as usual every app have some negative points in it. So we can consider some issues in this app. In this app you cannot transfer some data. Actually every popular have portable services but for convenience data you have to choose google chrome portable. To enjoy these services you should linked in with your google account. If you need to take advantages of this portable apps FIREFOX then you can take bookmarks and automatically auto filled data in your account. This chrome app support a lot of extensions. But you have to install some data in it then it will give you space automatically as your need.

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2. LIBREOFFICE Portable:

Usually LIBREOFFICE is app for offices. Bad thing in this is that you cannot save your charts in this portable apps. But there are few positive vibes about this app. One point is that you can do full office suite on this portable. And you can save your documents on go. This app consider the largest portable apps. In your PC this a limit data. But you can save up to 10GB on drive. But other option is to keep external device for backup. In this potable app you have to choose platform for your data. There are almost installed version in this version. If you are try to calculate your customize graphs then you can save up to LIBREOFFICE.

This app is totally free source code. It takes some time for few versions in fact install version of LIBREOFFICE. You can access easily on these platforms to make it better for you to save your data confirm. But there is no chance to transfer charts on this portable apps. Hope so you will clear that question, Is portable apps safe for computer?

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3. GIMP Portable:

GIMP portable apps is very suitable for graphics. Most positive vibes about this portable apps is that you can edit your pictures on this portable apps. Fully version available about this portable. Its graphics are present on go. But negative point for this portable is that size of this program is very large. You can install its latest setting and edition on any new USB for your ease. To protect social storage media this is a superb app for you. It is supported each and every part of resources. This portable apps offers you downloading data of 200MB. But you have to free 1GB space in your device to run this app. But if you want to run this then you should have to access till this portable apps. You are free to open this on local drive if you want to run. It includes URL and networking storage.

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4. VLC Media Player Portable:

VLC media player supposed to be most famous portable media app. There are few reasons to ensure you by this app. This app is free and open source to use. On this app you can play audio and video playback easily. Portable apps is the most capable and freely supported media ever in the world. In the past portable apps are only use for PC but now you can avail this on your play stations. You can use portable apps for audio and video live streaming without interference of additional downloaded version. This flexibility makes sure this portable apps extremely good for use. This the perfect music or video software. This portable apps control your files from any location to serve for you. Size of this portable apps com increase automatically in term of your data.

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5. C Cleaner Portable:

This portable used to maintain your system of PC. This app used to clean temporary files and unusual data automatically. This app only available for 32 Bit and 64 Bit version. You are totally free to use this app. You have to install this in your PC by yourself. I think this is not a PLAYSTATION portable apps. It deletes cookies automatically. You can use this app on your OS. This app is very helpful to remove un-wanted data. If your PC does work very slowly then this app is actually made for you. Because this app will clean up your waste data to boost up your system. Actually this app detects issue in system on behalf of documents. Main thing in this is that it never delete itself. Some of us want to know that how to make portable apps?

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6. EMSISOFT Emergency Kit:

EMSISOFT emergency kit is best anti-malware software. Like other app it is also free to use. It is very helpful to protect data. Actually this is a scanner. And you can clean your computer without install this application. Some of us consider this app as a anti-virus app. But in reality this portable apps detect your whole system instead of some documents and folders. If you have doubt about your computer and its running then you just have to run this program. After this you should not worry for your system because this will clean your computer automatically.

It cleans unwanted data, un-usual cache and un-pleasant working. You can say this portable apps as a guard of your computer. Because it investigates automatically and solve the issue of system. You will surprise after getting this point that it never damage your personal data and used files. Now all of you want to portable apps download.

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