Full Explanation and Review about Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Best thing in this mobile is its 6.8 inches display having AMOLED screen. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra has two zooming lens as master piece. In this you can find S pen extra as compare to old model Samsung galaxy s21 plus. But some negative points about this cell phone are that it has too much price. Have some extra weight from old models. And in this phone you cannot find out charger and Samsung galaxy s21 ultra no SD card. In this mobile phone you can find everything which actually you want in android phone. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra give opportunity of dual telephoto with superb zooming power. Samsung first time introduces S pen in this series. Its design is very sleek having unique powerful software of Snapdragon 888. Its RAM is large than other S series. Its main camera is mind blowing by having 108MP. Most realistic thing is its back made of glass.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra price

Display of Samsung galaxy s21 ultra is high. This is best mobile phone of 2021. It consider as a premium set of Samsung Company. If you use 5G mobile then usage of 12 hours is wonderful. Fingerprint of this mobile is very large that’s why it is very easy to unlock this best phone. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra Screen is sharp due to WQHD resolution. For S pen you have to buy a case separate to hold this. Effect of dual telephoto is like real picture after capturing. Now we will discuss Samsung galaxy s21 ultra review.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Price and Release date:

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra UK release date is 29 January 2021. But you have choice for pre order. Anytime you can give pre order for this phone. You can get Samsung galaxy s21 ultra with the help of carrier. If you pre order this phone you are able to get some unlocked versions in this smartphone. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra UK price $1199 and you can grab this phone having 12 GB RAM and 128 GB memory. For 256GB you have to pay $50 extra. But in 512 GB of memory you should pay extra $140 of Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 16GB RAM price. Because of high prices this smart phone known as premium one. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra price in Bangladesh and Samsung galaxy s21 ultra price in Pakistan are almost same as compare to Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 2021 price in India.

Design and Colors of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

Stylish cut of camera make its design superior. Which is directly connected with glass of back side. But you cannot use this device with only hand easily. Because of 0.35 width and weight of 8.08 ounces show Samsung galaxy s21 ultra thickness. This mobile phone has curved in its screen. But on this mobile you can never touch other options during use because of slim and wise touch screen. Main point is that this mobile phone will launch with only two colors. One is phantom black and other one is phantom silver present in Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. Both colors are peaceful and attractive. In both colors this smart phone looks quite slim. Due to its large screen you will never need to press its finger print sensor again and again. So Samsung galaxy s21 ultra features are brilliant.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra full specification

Samsung S21 Ultra Review of Display:

Screen of this mobile is 6.8 inches. And this is the best screen size ever in android phone with lots of features and comfort for use. Other name of this smart phone due to its size is PHABLET. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra is the combination of tablet and phone. Its high resolution proofs excellence of its processor. Its quad HD performance make it superior among other high cost android phones. Due to 120Hz you will never worried about its resolution. If you on power saving mode then refresh rate of this phone will come down at 10 Hz. In its display you will get 1500 nits of brightness to get clear video. Color ratio of this set is 81.5% in DCI-P3. In its display you will get built in feature of eye comfort. Samsung galaxy s21 ultra provide you blue light to save your eyesight. Built in Samsung galaxy s21 ultra theme are mind blowing.

Camera Performance of Galaxy S21 Ultra:

There is only feature from which this phone is un-beatable. There is no camera still who beat this in its result and clearance. Its main camera is 108MP with focus laser auto sensor. It has 12 MP ultra wide camera. Its dual telephoto has so much power to zoom in with 3x and 10x optical zooming. Amazing part of Samsung galaxy s21 ultra camera is that on 100x zoom your camera will start shaking. But you can control this by lock option to get stable photo with the help of only tap. By main camera you can capture 12 bit Photo in HDR result which is three time larger than other android smart phone. As well as you can get 12 bit photo in pro mode also. Camera of Samsung galaxy s21 ultra gives you shinny and clear pictures. Portrait mode of Samsung also get better by passage of time. And it comes to compete iPhone models. In low light its camera is also click better pictures. You will be able to get smooth clicks from this phone.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra specs

Video Result of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

If you record video on low fps like 30 then your video will record in 8k resolution. But if you capture video on high fps like 60 or above than this. Your recording will be captured on 4k resolution. If you are a blogger then this camera made for you only. During recording your mobile record video from front and back cam both at a time. And you can get captions for your video during recording of your video. Footage of this video capturing is wonderful and stunning. Everything record properly and clear and crystal. If you record video in steady mode then you can move anywhere anytime easily with your Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. Even you can take photo during video recording. You can capture slow motion shots clear. Even you can add music easily by one touch in Samsung galaxy s21 ultra.

Battery Life and Charging:

If you need an android having lots of features with usage of one day then you have kept eye on right smart phone. With its 5000mAH battery you can enjoy about 12 hours without break. And this is a breath taking moment now. But this timing calculate on medium refresh rate of 60Hz. If you use on 120Hz then its timing decrease two hours from actual timing. If you have already phone of S series then you don’t need to get extra Charger. But if you buy first time this mobile then kindly pay more to get charger for your Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. 25W charger is best and suitable for this phone. It charge your phone in 30 minutes up to 56%.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra harga

S pen for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:

For first time Samsung introduce Samsung galaxy s21 ultra S pen. With the help of this pen you can draw sketches and write notes freely on your cell phone. Even you can sign your documents online with the help of this pen. But keep this in your mind that you have to buy this separate with cost of $40. And you can buy a case for your pen also. Price of case is nearly about $70. To improve factor of grip size of Samsung galaxy s21 ultra S pen is slightly large. There is a Bluetooth service in this pen. But you can get this S pen in this recent year after getting phone. Hope so Samsung galaxy s21 ultra Indonesia will launch this first or Samsung galaxy s21 ultra HARGA.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Specs:

You can check Samsung galaxy s21 ultra full specifications below;

SPECIFICATIONS Display: 8 inches AMOLED (3200 x 1400)
CPU: Snapdragon 888
Storage: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB
Battery: 5000mAH
Wireless: WI-FI and UWB
Size: 5 x 0.35 inches
Weight: 08 ounces
Battery Life: 11 hours on 60 fps and 10 hours on 120fps
RAM: 12GB and 16GB
Video: 8k on 30 fps and 4k on 60 fps
Front Camera: 40MP
Rear Camera: 108MP + 12MP + 10MP + 10MP

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