Explanation of New Full Self-Driving System by Tesla 2021

People will get monthly subscription of FSD mode in 2021. He told in his tweet about three month subscription for FSD mode. He thought about this mode till from 2013. After the success of 7 years, people will be amazed in 2021 by accessed wheels. This service will vary from month to month. Tesla For this mode cost of car also increased as usual in terms of facility. According to news price will increased 25% from actual price. Auto driving still banned in some areas of world. FSD mode is not legal in United Kingdom. But in few states of United States this mode is allowed. So it is clear that customers of states of US will avail this offer in New Year.


Tesla cyber truck brings this technology in tesla pickup truck. This mode introduce from Tesla stock price to ease their customers as an automatic drive. This is such a huge achievement for Tesla power wall to change trend from auto car to auto wheels. In past people get rid from Gear system and now technology comes at this end where we can drive city streets without sitting on driving seats. This FSD mode is very safe for us.

FSD Improving Technology by Tesla:

As we know that this technology is new and different, that’s why customers will face many problems in this. For this system Tesla battery is also underwork. Just reason is that they will update software of FSD mode frequently and regularly. Also to secure the data of people, in start Tesla truck required time to improve their performance. As hope of Elon musk this technology will get fame. By passage of time 2020 Tesla model y will also more work on this mode after getting suggestion from people. In San Francisco’s street these cars will navigate idea of Nikola Tesla.

tesla model 3


If we use this tesla model 3 new feature for delivering then probably it will best surprise for people. Because we can control these cars from one place in city streets. Finally Tesla logo trying to fix major security issues in its cars. Tesla pickup tries to make a feature to spot children in warm vehicles. They want to ensure transmitter in their upcoming cars to talk with outside person without hesitation. In FSD mode this invention is incredible. Even in new Tesla cars we can see that they indicates and make turns easily like normal cars. But remember that in FSD mode vehicle you can do all these work without using driving seat. Due to latest invention this car costs more than usually cars. I think that if we use FSD mode it will be more safe than normal life. We will not have fear about someone’s dying. People will safe in their house and offices. They get normal work from this new system.

Tesla’s FSD in Beta:

Full-Self driving mode will currently available in beta. In early days this car will be tested by some experienced drivers. Still they told about this mode was featured from many years due to exclusive delays. First they improve their software to install it in Beta version. After this beta version announced very short time subscription for this FSD mode. Except tweet of CEO there is no proof about this technology.

tesla truck

Rumors about Tesla’s FSD:

Every one still wait for this beta version of Tesla stocks. But in case of confirmation, there is no official announcement on company website. It is so difficult to believe on this news easily. As it is so hard to listen about this latest technology according to people. Now question is that are they get their cars who are just orders before 1st January. Now wait for their dealings. But advice from my side is that if you want to get this car and offer then you should contact to nearest showroom. To fulfil you wish you have to confirm this news. As they get orders for this new model they decided to stop the delivery of used Tesla Model s and Tesla Model x lines for three weeks. Also according to tesla news they announce to give funds to their workers those work for new FSD mode beta version.

tesla model y

But thing is that how much time require to test beta version. Still they did not give response from company. They want to maintain system advanced. They told to adjust skeleton in city Street as they get command from developer. In city streets they adjust camera to control beta version. But nothing is happened in street of California. But this is not enough for fun that how they change mind of world by their technology.

Price for Beta Version:

This recent week of January 2021 Tesla roadster decide to offer for new FSD mode beta version. In some reports they demanded $10,000 for three months subscription. But in some other reports tesla price is $2,000 of one month subscription. This price for those who ordered this new model between 31st December and 2nd of January. Car will be delivered when new full-safe display will install in beta version and enable. But final date for this is not recorded. By passage of time confirm price will be announced.

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