Best Suggestion and Review about Upcoming Foldable iPhone

Jon prosser is a center of attention for leaking this new about flip phone. But we know still Apple did not release any foldable iPhone 12. Some sources told about prototype that iPhone 12 will come as an apple foldable iPhone release date but unfortunately it does not happen. According to some rumors someone announce that iPhone 13 will come with foldable feature. But we also know that iPhone 13 never come with this feature. But Apple Company already invested in foldable displays.

This work shows that iPhone will release this soon. There are so many questions for new foldable iPhone screen that how it will look like and when it will be released. So iPhone is not that type of Company which will take any risk for a design. But due to some clues most of model designers are accepted that Apple will released this definitely one day. Because they manufacture reasonable models for users. According to reports we put to gather this and made conclusion for this magical surprise. But we also want to ensure the actual news of this mind blowing model.

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But this is confirm that foldable iPhone 2020 will not release until iPhone 13. And due to releasing history iPhone 13 will show up in September 2021. So before 2022 this device will not release confirm. Still we have no idea about foldable iPhone price until we did not have seen any flip phone. This foldable design we can compare with Samsung Galaxy Fold.

When Foldable iPhone Prototype come?

Apple Company work on this prototype. In order of leakage of news Jon said that Apple tested this model in China. As rumors come to us we are actually described that this phone will not coming since two years. Foldable iPhone will launch with iPhone 14 confirm. By indication of Jon some other model makers admired new idea of Apple. Foldable iPhone will release after complete testing from start to end. Because as usual apple never want to disappoint their lovers for design and performance. As per reports, foldable iPhone model of apple undergoing testing at FOXCONN Taiwan China. There is very short time when apple beat Samsung in flip class.

Some Details of Flip iPhone:

May be this flexible version of foldable iPhone made with very strong ceramic shield in display. According to Jon this is confirm that this model will come and it is under working but not in 2021. This model will come with traditional good looking, impressive designs and latest technology. Foldable iPhone also would have dual display like Samsung Flip model. This model will be very expensive like other apple’s phone. As we know apple choose this way so this will be most impressive model of apple in future. Apple prove them best from their performance. Chinese social media also leak some news about flip model of apple. So they show that this phone has more reality as compare to Samsung foldable screen. This will prime piece from apple Company. If foldable iPhone being tested then it is very close to launch. But we cannot expect time from apple to complete this test.

Look of Foldable iPhone:

With its name it is close to Samsung flip Z model. But due to some rumors and leak they told that prototype has long flips in it. By these rough thoughts we can imagine ideal look of foldable iPhone. In February, by following some rumors this will theoretically prove that its display will bend from middle. Without creating any difficult dimension this look will amaze every one. This is true that they copy format of Samsung Z. But by looks apple will beat this. Like always Samsung would seem dis similar.

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In March, we would know about separation of this foldable iPhone. They will connect with one another by magnetically. This will most reliable look of this apple model. So you can put this foldable iPhone stand case. This one screen would not need for other recommendation. And this flip turn into duo screens. Foldable iPhone charger will wireless to have this feature to protect screens separately. Hope so its touch bar and foldable iPhone keyboard will same like as Mac Book Pro. Some experts told that this model is fully copied by Samsung. But they also know that apple always blow mind in case of look and performance in each and every model they released.

Truth about Foldable iPhone:

Those people who follow the tech news and channels, know that patent are just rumors. We can called them preview of model. There is just 3D video posted IOS beta news by Jon. Seems like that all of us believe on this in May 2021. Vertical orientation and camera place will be cleared to all of us in just few months. If apple did not release any flip model then they should give answer to rumors. But they are silent and they will rock with their model.

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Idea for Foldable iPhone Price:

This is the most confusing question ever asked by you guys. But by keeping standard of Apple in your mind you should think that it will expensive sure. Even you can say that this will most expensive model of the world. Rumors about price and expected price of this model will be $2999 by Apple Company.

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