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Wonder woman 1984 released at the end of pandemic year. This movie supposed to be very weird. Wonder woman release date is 25, December 2020. This would be an historic movie of this year. In this pandemic actually film industry disturb too much. Like we seen how they are filmed. After many lazy months Warner Bros, drop out a blockbuster movie on HBO screen. And surely this movie will give you happiness at the end of dull year. Due to some posters it shows dull and slam. After its releasing every one noticed its timing. This film is too long for viewers as they suspected. In this you can hear amplified voices. According to ourreview this is the only fault in wonder woman 1984. Due to this fault this movie dropped out in order to weirdest movies.

While its timing is actually too long. Because of these sentiments we cannot say that this movie is not so good. Wonder woman 1984 trailer got such a hype among viewers.

wonder woman 1984 release date

In Wonder woman Gal Gadot returns as a main character title. Who’s living undercover after the incident of World War I. Her name in movie is Diana. She is anthropologist at Smithsonian Institute. But when anywhere problems come out then she arrived there to solve this as a wonder woman actress. Time change for Diana when FBI built a jewelry store. In this store there is a Dream stone. Which Diana investigates alongside her new co-worker Dr. Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wig). Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a smarmy businessman want a  extreme success, has various plans for the Dreamstone; meanwhile, Barbara wishes to become just like Diana to take her place, and Diana wishes for her long-dead love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to be at her side once more.

Wonder woman 1984

Dream stone is also attract wonder woman TV show personality to alter his plan who is Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). Dian actually have experience of fights to fulfil her dreams and to solve the problems and issues of world. This movie has not fun though. But its time period give headache to fan of wonder woman 1984. Most enjoying scene in this movie is that Steve reunited with Diana. You can see here in wonder woman Lynda carter. But sadly this time is not enough for fun in 151 minutes.

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Seriously, there are many moving parts in Wonder Woman 1984 in which new time setting, a new physical setting, new characters and new stakes. Wonder woman costume is so attractive as her figure. Wonder woman logo is also masterpiece by creators.

Who is Diana in Wonder Woman 1984?

As we know Diana is an anthropologist in wonder woman 1984. Actually you cannot describe that Diana has not inner life in wonder woman 1984. Because she has considered as a dead person in wonder woman 1984 for almost 70 years. Due to this Era her heart should be broken into pieces. Even her heart should have vanish. But in this decade we forgot that she is mythical superhero to cancel real-life accumulate experiences in actual world. That’s why Diana considered as a superhero in wonder woman 1984. Even you can think that there is no time difference between two movies. They could’ve better characters for wonder woman 1984 during this decade.

wonder woman 1984 cast

In wonder woman Diana have truly friendship with Barbara. Who’s has done her character pretty. As Diana have relationship before Steve death in wonder woman 1984. This should not be highlighted when Steve comes back from dead. Even I am not worry for her character in wonder woman in instead of marvel movies as she got superhero powers in wonder woman 1984. But in fight of wonder woman cheetah should not deeper with her best friend. In this it totally looked unfaithful act. For Diana I have just hate to not maintain acting like first wonder woman actress. In wonder woman I am very angry to see Diana to save just kids in mall by having super hero powers after retake of 70 years from her death in film. By default there would be make powerful character of Diana in wonder woman 1984.

Why Wonder woman 1984 so long movie?

Like other super heroes movies (Avengers). This film has too much time. In my point of view it should not be so lagged and lengthy. Instead of 150 minutes of wonder woman 1984 it should be over and out on 100 minutes. Personally when I saw this movie I just give up after 90 minutes. Here specifically two sequences of wonder woman should have been cut out before releasing. First one is long lasted Olympic part. Other one fight of mall in which we can see highlights of first wonder woman bloodlines of Diana as a vigilante.

In starting of wonder woman cast is not bad because in this we can see re-entry of Steve to maintain Diana’s status in entire whole world. There are many harsh scenes for Lord to maintain himself in unusual scenes. He has son just in wonder woman 1984. He spends lot of time in front of super heroes to realize their power for world in wonder woman 1984. I did not enjoy him there. Directors should be make by comic moments with wonder woman 1984 cast.

Wonder woman

wonder woman 1984 full movie

Because Diana afraid of by her massive figure in movie. She just put her hands down to this. That’s why wonder woman 1984 took so long time to create a hype in viewers. End of the wonder woman 1984 they already spoiled all the suspense in wonder woman 1984 trailer then why they act so long there to make people angry. As Diana return too much late in wonder woman 1984 then why her surfaces have emotional scenes. Even people did not want to see her like this as a wonder woman movie. Their villain’s role actually spoiled the content of movie to make it long. Because when other one has super powers then why they act so long just to bore people?

wonder woman 1984 trailer

At last we hope you guys enjoy this sensational and wonderful wonder woman 2.

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